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Ruby Award:  For Women Helping Women acknowledges women women who, through their personal or professional activities, work to improve the lives of women and girls. The work of these women helps to promote the issues that are important to the Soroptimist organization. Honorees are ordinary women who have worked in extraordinary ways to benefit women and girls. Examples of the type of work honored include: spearheading an effort to open a domestic violence shelter, starting a mentoring program for at-risk girls, or lobbying companies to provide on-site child care. The program enables local Soroptimist clubs and the Soroptimist organization to thank these women and encourage others to explore ways to assist women and girls. 

The program begins on the club level, where the type of recognition varies. Award winners at the club level are eligible for additional awards at other levels of the organization. 

The Ruby Award pays tribute to Soroptimist’s very first president, Ruby Lee Minar. A ruby is also a deep red gemstone associated with wisdom, importance, vitality, strength, vivacity, power and love: all words embodying the strong and compassionate women who become Soroptimist award recipients.

Nominations are due by November 15.

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2018 Ruby Award Honoree: Rosemary

Rosemary Q. Flores, the executive director and cofounder of Family Leader Initiative, a nonprofit organization in Nevada dedicated to providing parent leadership training, with President Alicia.

2016 Ruby Award Honoree: Grace

Grace D. Conenna, manger of Castaways Resale Store, who, through Castaways, works with current inmates as volunteers and works to hire them after they are released so they can become productive citizens. 

2015 Ruby Award Honoree: Amy

Amy Ayoub is a successful business owner, seasoned consultant and sought-after public speaker, she is a lifelong Las Vegans who combined her passion for public speaking and helping others when she founded The Zen Speaker. As a member of the Las Vegas Community, Amy has been active in the fight to better the lives of all Nevadans through her political and community participation for over three decades.