Special Projects

Current Special Projects:

SI President's Appeal - December 10th

Embracing Project

Past Special Projects:

Sock It to Me

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department - Vice and Human Trafficking Division

Pull Out Your Draws - January 1 - June 3, 2016


SI President's Appeal

Every year, on Human Rights Day (December 10) SI's President invites all Soroptimists to join her in supporting a Soroptimist project that improves the lives of women and girls through improving access to education and/or leadership opportunities.

2017-2019: Women, Water, & Leadership:

At least five projects will be supported in five continents with a view to enabling women to become active leaders in water management.  More specifically, these projects will connect to Sustainable Development Goals 4 – Quality Education, 5 – Gender Equality and 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation, for all purposes.

2015-2017:  Educate to Lead: Napal:

For 2015-2017 International President Yvonne Simpson calls on the collective power and generosity of all four Soroptimist Federations, for her Appeal Educate to Lead: Nepal. The Appeal seeks to support women and girls in Nepal as they take steps to rebuild their lives, following the devastating earthquakes of 2015. The focus within Nepal will be on education and leadership, agreed as the theme by SI‘s members until 2021.

2013-2015:  See Solar, Cook Solar

See Solar, Cook Solar will educate, empower and enable opportunities for women and girls by providing solar lanterns and cookers to: enable study or work after dark; save time gathering fuel; opportunities for enterprise; reduce risk of burns and respiratory disease.

SI in partnership with girls’ education charity Camfed, distributed lanterns to girls in Zambia and cookers to women in Fiji.

The solar cookers have begun arriving and being put to the test at Hart Home in Ba, Viti Levu, Fiji.   

Embracing Project:

This organization assists teenage girls who have been victims of human trafficking to regain their lives in a variety of ways. Safe shelter, clothing, identification, education and support groups are a small number of ways the Embracing Project assists these young girls. Some of the girls are mothers or expected mothers on a journey to lead better lives.

The Embracing Project was an elected Service Committee project for this year. The committee really wanted to be hands on engaging with these young girls. We established a partnership with Embracing Project founder Esther Brown. She gave us ideas on workshop presentations that could really have an impact on the girls. A Service Committee Meeting was held and we were on our way!

On October 9, our first presentation took place at the Embracing Project. Claire Kurlinsky, Nancy Hippert and Leah Guevara met three of the most amazing girls to discuss the topic of Employment Readiness. The girls were greeted with popcorn, pretzels and Doritos to snack on because you can’t

learn if you don’t munch as your processing wonderful ideas, right? The SIGLV members went around and gave a brief summary of who they were personally, professionally and as Soroptimist sisters. The girls went around and gave us the pleasure of learning about who they were. Two were 17 years old and one had just turned 18.

Then came the question, How many of you have had experience with employment? All three girls answered at the same time. Each girl was given an opportunity to discuss their employment history, and their educational goals for future career goals. One said she loved cooking. Another said she would like to work in the music industry as a music producer. One was unsure what she wanted to do. However, she went into great detail about the unsanitary environment while she worked at a fast food restaurant. She gave specific details and talked about the fact she would never put anyone’s health at risk by serving food from a dirty environment. It was at that moment she was informed she would make a most excellent health inspector or quality control inspector. She became very excited learning about the possibilities where a career was concerned.

The presentations last for approximately 90 minutes. The next presentation will be on November 13. The topic will be Self Care and will be presented by Leah Guevara and Dawn Walker. Future topics will be Budgeting and Finance, Coping Skills, Social Media, and Nutrition. We are very excited to offer these presentations that really allows us to be hands on as we “EMBRACE the EMBRACING PROJECT!”

Sock It To Me:

Nothing warms the heart of a senior like a cozy new pair of socks! Help us warm the hearts of seniors (and their toes) this winter by donating a new pair of socks. We are collecting them through November 19 for the seniors in the senior services programs at East Valley Family Services.


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department - Vice and Sex TraffickingSection

On July 2, 2015 SIGLV presented a check for $2,500 to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Vice and Sex Trafficking Section.

Gwendolyn L. “Lou” Pascoe, director of LVMPD Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force accepted the donation and spoke about the work Metro’s Vice and Sex Trafficking Task Force is doing.  She share a store about one victim that was help with our previous donation.  It was used to help a young woman who had been so brutalized by a trafficker that they feared for her life. She needed to be moved far away if she was going to ever have a chance. Our funds enabled the task force to send her to a non-profit organization in Maryland that has a transitional residence program for women recovering from trauma and trafficking that emphasizes life-rebuilding and reconciliation skills.

The LVMPD Vice and Sex Trafficking Task Force is working hard to vigorously prosecute sex traffickers, to seize traffickers’ assets, and to partner with local service organizations and social service agencies to bring wrap around services to survivors. The Task Force, an arm of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, works with victims of trafficking who are usually transient and disconnected from family and friends. They also focus on programs for prevention through local based groups, school personnel, students and other service organizations. Money raised is used to cover unique and extraordinary costs, not covered by other programs, to assist the victims of trafficking in Southern Nevada. $1500 of our donation has been designated for direct aid to victims of trafficking. The other $1,000 has been designated for equipment and training.

"Pull Out Your Drawers"

2016 Project:  Donations of panties were provided to Teens Helping Teens, Safe House and Safe Nest. 

From January 1 to April 1, 2015, we colleced white cotton panties (all sizes) for the Rape Crisis Center.

presentation to Rape Crisis Center

On April 2, 2015, in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April), we presented the Rape Crisis Center with over 656 pairs of underwear.  Because underwear is an article of clothing most frequently torn or taken as evidence in cases of rape, The Rape Crisis Center is always in need of replacements in a variety of sizes.  Our donation wil keep them in underwear for over a year.

Our thanks to all the club members, friends, family and ch-workers who helped us collect so many pairs of underwear.

Pull out you Drawers flyer